Pip and I met through the restaurant we worked at (like almost all of my friends in Bristol to be honest). Only, the first 3 times we met weren't actually at work. Pip and I first met twice when I was visiting Bristol before moving back, Pip came to meet some of us at the pub after work and then the next day I went to Bristol Pride with Edie and Pip was also there. Pip and Mia then had a house warming party just after I'd moved back to Bristol and I went along to that (which was a mistake because I then ended up very hungover for my first shift back at the restaurant the next day). Every time we are closing together now (well, almost every time) we basically have an unspoken agreement  that we're going to be going to the pub afterwards. Recently, this agreement may have gotten slightly out of hand, but what can you do. Since returning to the restaurant Pip has probably been one of the easiest people to become friends with.
One way I quickly bond with someone is if we can reference the same TV show, something that I often don't even realise I'm doing, the references just slip out throughout the day. With Pip, I don't think we can go an hour together without one of us referencing either Peep Show, or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I even went as The Nightman (an Always Sunny reference) for Halloween and Pip did my makeup for me. Although, having said all this, my disappointment will never quite fade from the day that I referenced The Simpsons and she didn't get the reference. When I questioned Pip on it I learned that she has never properly watched The Simpsons, although the reason she hasn't is just perfect: as a child, her and her brothers weren’t allowed to watch it after one of her brothers told their mum to “eat my shorts”. 
Normally when we work together I tend to get a little distracted, I still do everything I need to but slightly slower. However, one shift Pip was particularly hungover, and the person on co-ordination (where everything gets plated up and sent out) had had a very stressful long shift, so Pip asked me to come and assist on co-ord. I honestly don't know how much practical help I provided but I spent the rest of the shift acting as morale support for Pip and Marjorie on co-ord, ensuring both were adequately distracted enough to not let work get the better of them. 
One day at work I was winding Pip up and she pretended to be angry at me, so refused to speak to me for the rest of the shift. Despite my best efforts to distract her she held strong apart from one moment when she dropped something, caught me laughing and joined in before suddenly realising and shouting "no, we're not friends, stop laughing at me". The two hours of being ignored before my shift ended were some of the most boring I've had in ages. 
Filmed in Bristol, UK.
Known for 3 months and 3 weeks at the point of filming.
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