This was filmed on one of the more surreal nights of our friendship - we'd somehow managed to wrangle ourselves tickets to the Korean premiere of Bong Joon-Ho's Palme D'or Award Winning film 'Parasite' (기생충, GiSengChung).
It was the first "real" premiere either of us had ever attended, we didn't know what to expect and it's safe to say we were both oddly nervous. We later discovered we both had the same idea of how to make ourselves presentable and had both cleaned our Doc Martens with wet wipes the night before. 
It was not the red carpet event we'd both convinced each other it would be but was thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless. We got into the cinema and very quickly realised that we were the only non-Koreans in there. After a quick introduction from the cast and Director Bong (all in Korean, of course) the film began and our fears were confirmed - there were no subtitles. Jay managed to understand about 10% of the dialogue having studied Korean for the last year, and I understood about 0.5% so it was safe to say the dialogue was basically useless to us. We laughed when the rest of the audience laughed in a hope to blend in slightly and we would occasionally lean over to check if each other had the had the same understanding of what was happening. Despite the dialogue being practically useless to us, the film was incredible; dark, funny, unpredictable - probably the best I've seen from Director Bong. I can't wait to watch it with subtitles. 
Since becoming friends in first year we've lived together, worked on uni projects together, stopped talking for 6 months, made up, worked together again at uni, joined a 4-piece indie band Boston Sidecar together, both graduated with First Class honours in Music and Music Technology from Keele University, stayed with each other numerous times, kept in regular contact when Jay got a job at a school in South Korea (despite the 9 hour time difference), toured some of England with Boston Sidecar when Jay was home over Christmas, then both lived in Korea when I got Jay's old job when he went for a promotion, started a business together whilst both living in South Korea, spent Christmas and New Year together in Tokyo.
Filmed in Yongsan Station, South Korea.
Known for 4 years and 8 months at the time of filming.
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